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Component testing

Experimental durability evaluation

Whether forces, pressures or thermal loads, static or dynamic, SPG tests your components under a wide range of stress situations in its accredited component testing laboratory. In this way, we satisfy high customer demands concerning safety and reliability with corresponding service life and stress analyses. Where component optimization is requested, we expand our range of services to include the appropriate consulting. In doing so, we take advantage of our extensive experience in the fields of energy and power plant engineering, pipeline, container and steel construction, as well as welding technology, rail and vehicle construction.

SPG, Aggregat, Bauteiltests, Experimentelle Lebensdauernachweise


SPG, Bauteile im Stresstest, Biaxialprüfung, Bauteilsicherheit
SPG, Bauteile im Stresstest, Bauteilsicherheit, Paneltest

In operation, individual components, test specimens similar to components and complex real components are usually subjected to multi-axial, more complex loads than material specimens subjected to uniaxial loads. In component testing, it is important to represent the multiaxiality with equivalent loads or load spectra as realistically as possible, whereby mechanical, thermal and chemical stresses may be present. We have the expertise to design and build test rigs to test components under quasi-static to high cycle loading for fatigue. Our special tests include static and cyclic internal pressure tests on pipes and vessels up to 1000 bar under high temperature and external load as well as a hydraulic multi-axis test rig for biaxial testing on cross specimens or for cyclic frictional fatigue tests on turbine materials. The setup of free test stands with hydraulic cylinders completes the test field. We can validate test results and optimize test methods by FEM simulation.

  • Biaxial testing
  • Thermal shock testing


In our component testing laboratory, we model critical flow conditions of your pipelines. We use transparent Plexiglas models to visualize the flow and mixing processes, such as the formation of strands and vortices or the formation of stratifications. Tempered or colored water is used in these models. Various sensors record relevant data as input variables for further analyses and evaluations (e.g. FEM calculations). Thermocouples, conductivity probes, flow velocity probes or force transducers for dynamic level measurement are used for this purpose.

  • Internal pressure test
  • Burst test
  • Vibration test
  • Drop test
  • Research projects
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