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Stress and fatigue analyses

Everything made-to-measure: component design, operational reliability and service life

Proof of operational reliability and fault resistance, as well as the assessment of the anticipated service life of parts, components and systems often place high demands on the skills of the calculation engineers. SPG carries out computational stress and fatigue analyses/service life calculations for machines, plants and pipelines, also in combination with accompanying tests in the testing laboratory. Depending on the complexity of the assignment, and based on our long-standing experience, we select the required calculation method in each case. The calculations are performed with formulas from regulations/specialist literature or detailed finite element analyses with the programs ANSYS® or ABAQUS®.

  • Vibration analyses
  • Thermal analyses

Many years of experience in various fields:

  • Detailed stress and fatigue calculation / service life evaluation, e.g. with FEM, including elastic-plastic calculations and consideration of the contact conditions
  • Thermomechanical stress and fatigue calculations / service life evaluation on the basis of temperature and strain measurements
  • Service life evaluation in the case of complicated flow processes, e.g. temperature stratifications, the formation of streaks and vortices, including experimental simulation in the testing laboratory.