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Problems in production or damage in operation do not only cause direct costs. With a time delay, loss of customer confidence or even danger to people and the environment can also be expected. Despite all precautions, damage can occur in the operation of plants, the cause of which should be urgently clarified in the interest of further prevention. This involves investigating the extent to which deficiencies in the design, incorrect material selection and treatment, monitoring deficiencies or simply improper operation led to the failure. In many cases, the extraordinary variety of causes of damage requires an interdisciplinary approach.

In addition to the classic destructive and non-destructive material testing methods, this often requires the use of further analytical methods or strength analyses. Beyond the actual damaged part, a consideration of the overall environment is necessary in order to be able to determine the actual cause beyond doubt. SPG’s team of experts is available to provide a reliable damage analysis quickly, flexibly and in a target-oriented manner. As a prerequisite for the preparation of a well-founded damage assessment, all suitable tools and procedures are available for this purpose, such as light and scanning electron microscopy, equipment for destructive and non-destructive testing, and for stress and fatigue analyses.

Anlageninspektion, Gutachten, Certification

All investigations are carried out in accordance with the applicable regulations and recognized guidelines, such as VDI Guideline 3822 “Failure Analysis”. The exchange of current experience and special investigation results takes place in the course of active participation in the expert team of the VDI working group “Failure Analysis”.