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International projects – satisfied customers worldwide

Our comprehensive services for the safety and efficiency of plants and components are appreciated by companies all over the world today. During the long history of our company, we have overseen and implemented a wide range of various projects. What is of interest to you? At your request we will send you a detailed list of customers for whom we have successfully worked and implemented projects in the corresponding field.

A planned shutdown to increase safety and reliability

Every five years, as stipulated by the legislative body, refineries and large chemical plants are put to the test. Production comes to a standstill, cleaning and maintenance tasks are carried out, and the Technical Inspection Agency as well as other inspection agencies test machinery and equipment for safety and integrity.

Thermal power station put to the test

According to the local press, the Siempelkamp Prüf- und Gutachter-Gesellschaft (SPG) in Saxony “took a critical look at the city’s furnace” in spring 2013: the Dresden-based Siempelkamp subsidiary inspected the entire pressurized plant in unit C of the Chemnitz thermal power station. Where otherwise hot fires of more than 1,000°C are blazing to provide the citizens of the city with heat and power, the inside and outside of pipes and turbines had to report for a check-up.