Thermal analyses

Temperature – a decisive load not only in the thermal power plant

On parts, components and systems, thermal loads can induce not only material creep (creep strain), but also relevant alternating stresses. This can have a significant influence on the service life. Using calculations - in combination with corresponding tests if necessary - SPG determines temperature fields on the basis of steady-state and/or transient thermal loads in machines, plants and pipelines. The resulting stresses are evaluated with regard to the relevant failure mechanisms. In the case of thermal and thermomechanical analyses, SPG makes use of the FEM programs ANSYS® or ABAQUS®.

Many years of experience in various fields:
  • Implementation of temperature measurements in thermohydraulic boundary conditions for transient temperature field calculation
  • Consideration of the thermal inertia of thermocouple installations on the outside wall of pipelines
  • Determination and evaluation of steady-state and transient temperature fields in system components
Thermal analysis of non-stationary temperature fields in a power plant pipeline