Sensor application

From the selection of sensors to the evaluation of measurement results

In conjunction with the service life monitoring of components and systems, as well as the strength and service life analyses during component development, the sensor application is of critical importance. This is the necessary precondition for collecting reliable and meaningful data. We apply and calibrate a wide range of high-quality sensors, such as:

  • force sensors
  • strain gauges for stress analysis
  • pressure transducers
  • displacement sensors
  • acceleration sensors
  • thermo couples.

SPG provides a wide range of services: these range from the determination of measuring points, through the selection and application of appropriate sensors to the installation of the measured value recording systems, as well as the actual recording, evaluation and assessment of the measurement results.

Sample applications:
  • Aerospace: application of strain gauges and cables on aircraft parts and during full-scale tests
  • Rail vehicles: application of strain gauges and cables to bogeys
  • Bridge structures and high-rise buildings: application of strain gauges for the pre-stressing anchor test
  • Power plant engineering: application of high-temperature strain gauges for the creep strain measurement of hot-running power plant components (main steam and hot reheat steam piping); on site or in the testing laboratory using pipe components (straight pipes, elbows, T-pieces).