Damage analysis

Experts on causal research

Problems in production or damage during operation cause not only direct costs. They can subsequently be expected to cause a loss of confidence amongst customers or even a hazard to individuals and the environment.

No matter how much care is taken, the operation of plants can cause damage, the cause of which should be urgently determined in the interests of preventing repetition. In such cases an analysis is carried out concerning the extent to which defects in the design, the incorrect selection and treatment of materials, monitoring deficiencies or simply improper operation have led to the failure. The exceptionally wide range of causes of damage requires an interdisciplinary approach in many cases.

In addition to the conventional destructive and non-destructive material testing procedures, other analytical processes and/or strength analyses often have to be used in such cases. In addition to the actual part that is damaged, consideration of the overall environment is required in order to be able to determine the actual cause beyond any doubt.

The SPG team of experts is available to provide fast, flexible and purposeful assistance in order to carry out a reliable investigation into the damage. As the prerequisite for the compilation of a well-founded damage report, all of the appropriate tools and processes are available, such as light and scanning electron microscopy, the equipment for destructive and non-destructive testing, as well as for stress and fatigue analyses.

All analyses are carried out taking into consideration the applicable regulations and accepted guidelines, such as VDI Guideline 3822 "Damage Analysis". The exchange of the latest experience and specific investigation results is carried out in conjunction with active involvement in the VDI working group "Schadensanalyse” (damage analysis).