Cost-effectiveness and safety of your plants

Siempelkamp Prüf- und Gutachter-Gesellschaft is available as a service provider for inspections of chemical and thermal systems and power plants. In an initial step, we draw up the inspection schedule against the background of legal requirements, recommendations from recognized guidelines and our operational experience of the specific object in each case.

On site our specialists then carry out the corresponding non-destructive tests (VT, UT, PT, MT, RT, spectrometry). If necessary, these also include geometric measurements, mobile structural examinations (replica) and portable hardness testing.

On the basis of the test results acquired in this way compared to the requirements of the standards, and against the background of the long-standing experience of the SPG inspectors, a reliable assessment of the remaining service life is drawn up. This also incorporates the data available at the operator’s premises on operating events.

More accurate service life monitoring and/or more accurate aging management is possible through the application of additional sensors, e.g. thermocouples, force, torque, strain or displacement transducers. In order to calculate the remaining service life directly, it is also possible to carry out creep rupture tests on withdrawn sample material that has been exposed to the operation of the plants. All analyses serve the purpose of guaranteeing the safe and stable operation of the plant concerned.