Non-destructive materials testing

Stationary and portable test technology available

For the performance of conventional non-destructive testing (NDT), Siempelkamp Prüf- und Gutachter-Gesellschaft has at its disposal the necessary stationary and portable testing equipment, as well as experienced test personnel, who have the level 3 qualification according to DIN EN ISO 9712. The non-destructive test procedures include:

  • visual testing (VT), including video endoscopy, boroscopy
  • penetrant testing (PT)
  • magnetic particle testing (MT)
  • ultrasonic testing (UT)
  • radiography, radiographic testing (RT)
  • spectroscopic material analysis
  • special tests (delta ferrite determination, layer thickness and wall thickness measurement, roughness measurement)
  • mobile structural examination (replica), including hardness testing.

These testing services can be performed on the customer's premises in conjunction with the production and construction supervision of plants and component assemblies, inspections during power plant maintenance and material certification, and in the testing laboratory at SPG.